Please Wipe Up the Drool….

So just to catch you all up I was behind by 3 blogs because I wasn’t ready to write about my relationship with my parents so now to get to the next blog entry which is considerably more fun; so here are the five male celebrities (in no particular order) I find absolutely attractive (read: sexy).

1. Christian Bale
Dark Knight Rises


Ok so he’s Batman, what else can I say? I will admit to having a crush on him since I saw him singing and dancing in “Newsies” in the 90’s. He’s tall gorgeous and has an accent, what’s not attractive about that?!

2. David Tennant


“He’s like fire and ice and rage. He’s like the night, and the storm in the heart of the sun. He’s ancient and forever. He burns at the center of time and he can see the turn of the universe. And… he’s wonderful.
He has saved your lives so many times and you never even knew he was there. He never stops. He never stays. He never asks to be thanked.” He is and always will be The Doctor.

3. Daniel Craig


So would love to apologize for all of the guys on my list so far being British but I’m really not sorry about that at all. I will be the first to admit that I wasn’t a fan of the change from Pierce Brosnan to Daniel Craig in the James Bond franchise but once I saw “Casino Royale” (and then subsequently 10 times after that) I knew that had made the right choice.

4. Chris Evans


If my first American on the list is going to be anyone it should be Captain America, right?

5. Leonardo DiCaprio


And, really, what’s more American then the story of an adorable child star becoming a very sexy leading man?! And if you don’t believe me watch “The Departed”, “Gangs of New York”, or “Inception” and get back to me.


6. Idris Elba


And now back to the gorgeous British men! My friend Dorian and I will watch any of his movies just to drool over him! We both loved “Takers” when he got to speak with his beautiful English accent!

7. Johnny Depp


He’s just beautiful, what else can I say?

8. George Clooney


George Clooney is like a Channel suit he’ll never go out of style or not be sexy!

9. Adam Levine


He is my dirty rocker boy fantasy come to life!

10. Chris Hemsworth


Oh sigh so hot!

And that’s not just 5 but 10 of the guys I totally drool over!! Now clean up the drool and go back to your lives!


I’m Finally Doing This….

I have been putting off this blog for a few days now and its time I finally write it; my relationship with my parents is something I don’t talk about all the time but I’m supposed to do it so here goes…

I grew up very lucky because I grew up with two parents who were still married (and still are) and love each other very much. We went camping and on vacations to Europe. I grew up with so many opportunities.

And yet here I am… I dropped out of college, spent 10 days in jail (driving without a license), basically I squandered everything I was given. For a while my relationship with my parents was horrible if not nonexistent. I really was a horrible daughter. But after a few years I have been able to slowly regain my parents’ trust, not to say I haven’t made a few mistakes but things have been getting better between us little by little.

So that’s my story.

Letting My Geek Flag Fly

When I started that last blog I left my music player on shuffle and I started listening to a lot more of my music and I realized how truly geeky I really am. Last night I was totally in the mood for some Batman (because really there’s never a bad time for Batman) so I watched “Batman Begins” for maybe about the millionth time. After getting into a very technical debate (probably too technical for my less geeky friends) on Facebook about who would win in a fight Batman or Iron Man (and say what you want Dorian Batman would kick Iron Man’s ass in a fight) and I think the general agreement was that both Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne have money on their sides so it would be a very gadget filled fight.


I think we all agreed that this is how the fight would really go down.

But I totally digress from my point (and I do have one I promise), and that is that being a geek is totally awesome! I’m not just a superhero geek, I’m also a huge fan of “Doctor Who” (if you’re not familiar seriously get on my level because it’s awesome!), I’m a total Bond Girl, a Tribute (a fan of the “Hunger Games” series), and I miss “The X-Files” every day. I used to hide the things that would make me geek-out and squeal like a fangirl because I didn’t want people to make fun of me but then I stopped caring what people think about the things I love and I embraced my inner fangirl.

I went to movie marathons (yes even a “Twilight” marathon but that was only because I read the books), the Batman marathon was my favorite because I totally dressed up (not as Batman).


You can’t really tell from that picture but I even got some temporary tattoos to rock for the event as well.

So this message is for any of you guys out there who keep your geek flag hidden, don’t do it! Let your geek flag fly with pride because you never know you may meet someone with the same geeky loves you have.

Music Appreciation by Katy

Unlike my all too short blog on education which was actually yesterday’s topic I’ll move on to today’s topic which is considerably easier.

So here I go, I’m putting my music player on shuffle right now…. first 10 songs…. and go!

1. “The One That Got Away” by Katy Perry- I’m so not even ashamed to admit I like Katy Perry! Her music is always pretty fun!

2. “My Life” by Robin Thicke- I fell in love with this song when I saw “Despicable Me”. If you haven’t seen “Despicable Me” than shame on you! Go watch it now and enjoy the antics of the Minions.

3. “Late to the Theater” by Henry Jackman- this is from the “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” soundtrack. Great movie! Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” doesn’t even cover the vampire hunting he did, and his movie is all the worse for it (sarcasm guys in case y’all didn’t catch that).

4. “He’s a Tramp” from “Lady and the Tramp”- this just reminds me of my childhood and watching Disney movies.

5. “Highway to the Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins- “Top Gun” is one of my all-time favorite movies so naturally this soundtrack is a must for me.

6. “Swing Swing” by The All-American Rejects- This song is amazing!! Such a great poppy break-up song that is so much fun to sing at the top of your lungs!

7. “The Caster Library” by Thenewno2- while I thought the movie wasn’t faithful to the book at all “The Beautiful Creatures” movie soundtrack is amazingly creepy and haunting.

8. “Cuts Like a Knife’ by Bryan Adams- how can you not love Bryan Adams?!

9. “Always” by Bon Jovi- I’ve had a crush on Jon Bon Jovi for soooooo long!!

10. “Always” by U2- I promise I did put it on shuffle.


11. “Rockin’ Robin” by Michael Jackson- oh I wish my girl Dorian was here right now because she loves her MJ! Actually we both love our MJ, we saw “This is It” 3 times in the theater!

12. “Polly Come Home” by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss- this song is amazing! So beautiful and haunting, oh and Robert Plant’s voice is still beautiful!

12. “Summertime” by the New Kids on the Block- I totally had a crush on Joey!

13. “Streets of Philadelphia” by Bruce Springsteen- this song is beautiful and sad just like the movie. If you haven’t seen it watch it and cry like I do every time.

14. “Go Your Own Way” by Lea Michelle (originally by Fleetwood Mac)- I have both versions of this song in my music collection but yes I’ll admit it I love the show “Glee”.

15. “Sometimes You Leave” by Carrie Underwood- I love this song and Carrie Underwood (I don’t want any judgment from any of you haters out there!).

16. “Santa Fe” from the “Newsies” soundtrack- Christian Bale (aka Batman) singing, how can anyone turn that down?!

17. “All Dressed Up in Love” by Jennifer Hudson- not one of my favorites but I do love the rest of the “Sex and the City” soundtrack that it’s on.

18. “I Wanna Rock” from the “Rock of Ages” movie soundtrack- as you can probably tell I love movie soundtracks.

19. “Pray for You” by Jaron and the Long Road to Love- this song is one of the best break-up songs ever!!!

20. “Love Potion No. 9” by The Clovers- I love this song!! I have a soft spot for 50’s and 60’s doo-wop.

21. “He Went to Paris” by Jimmy Buffett- I always get nostalgic listening to Jimmy Buffett.

22. “Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have With Her Clothes On” by Panic! at the Disco- this song is just so cool if you can get past the long title.

23. “Drops of Jupiter” by Train- this is just a sweet song that I can’t help but love.

24. “Strawberry Wine” by Deana Carter- this is such typical country song but I love it anyway.

25. “Home Life” by John Mayer- I’ll listen to pretty much anything John Mayer does.

26. “L-O-V-E” by Al Green- this song is a classic and always makes me so happy.

27. “What a Good Boy” by the Barenaked Ladies- the album comes from is one of the cd’s my mom used to play in the car all the time.

28. “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor- all I have to say is “At first I was afraid I was petrified…”

29. “Elbow Room” from “Schoolhouse Rock: America Rock”- I’m a history nerd, what else can I say.

30. “The Saints Are Coming” by U2 and Green Day- oh my god I love this song!!!! U2 is always epic and when they teamed up with Green Day they got even more epic!!

And there you have it my random playlist. I would have kept going but I already gave you 20 extra and I know you all have lives so I’ll leave it at 30. Enjoy and happy listening!!

We Don’t Need No Education

As you can see from the double negative we all need an education! My grandmother was a teacher and spending countless afternoons with her turned me into the Grammar Nazi I am today. But I also believe that most of our education comes from the “school of life”. I’ve learned a lot of lessons the hard way and I wouldn’t take any of that back for anything. I still would like to go back to school to finish college (I still would love to be a journalist) but that will have to wait. I have always envied my younger sister’s drive and discipline to finish school, she’s going to be a teacher, so I hope her thoughts on education are better formed then mine are. I’m sorry this blog is so short but I really don’t know what else to say on the subject. I’m sorry.

Getting Stuck in My Head….

We all have that one song that all it takes is a few bars and it’s in our heads for days, some of them are annoying (“Call Me Maybe…” anyone?) while some are old friends ( “Love is Blindness” by U2 wraps me in a comforting blanket).

I feel I should tell you that I am a professional when it comes to earworms (that’s what they’re called in case you didn’t know) because I was a competitive swimmer and my best event was the 500 meter freestyle (aka 20 laps of uninterrupted splashing pool water); so I would intentionally listen to music before I an event just to get it stuck in my head. Since I’d been swimming the 500 meter freestyle since freshman year I found some songs were more motivational (“We Will Rock You” by Queen comes to mind) and some songs were more calming (like “Any Colour You Like” by Pink Floyd) but they all helped to keep my mind occupied while I was swimming. 

I know everyone likes to focus on the annoying songs when they talk about earworms but I think that if you have the right song it can be like having a really friend in your head, and really where’s the downside in that?

Movies I Love

Since I fell behind I’m giving you guys two blogs today… lucky you! 

Today I’m supposed to tell you all about my favorite movie but I can’t just pick one so here are my top 3 (in no particular order).

1. Casablanca (1942)



Adventure and romance set against the backdrop of World War II. This movie has everything and I love it. My dad introduced me to this movie when I was a sophomore in high school and I have been hooked ever since. 

2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)



This movie just makes me so happy! I will pretty much watch anything Audrey Hepburn does but this movie is my all time favorite! I will say that they made a few adaptations from the book (which I’ve read and loved, one of Truman Capote’s best) but it was done so well it didn’t really change my opinion of either.

3. The Princess Bride (1987)


Oh goodness what can I say about this movie…. I love it! My dad (a fencing coach) and I would watch this movie when I was a kid and I have been in love with it since then. Last fall I turned into a giggling fangirl when I met Chris Sarandon (aka Prince Humperdink) at AdventureCon, he was of course very gracious because I’m sure he gets that all the time and he took a picture with me which was awesome!! 



Oh yes I should also mention that he was the voice of Jack Skellington in “Nightmare Before Christmas” which is another movie I love but that’s for another blog.

So there you have it some of my favorite movies of all time! What is your favorite movie or movies? 

For the Love of Football


So I put off writing my blog yesterday because I was exhausted! Yesterday was the University of Tennessee’s Orange and White football game, it’s a chance for every one to check out the new talent and especially the new coach. With the firing of Derek Dooley back in November the fans have been looking forward to seeing the new coach, Butch Jones, in action.  

I (being a fan of Tennessee since before I was born… tough when you live down in Florida) have been to a few Orange and White games in the past and I was surprised to see the massive (61,076) crowd. Usually the Orange and White game is less than crowded but with the new coach it seems like everyone is excited for this new future for the Vols. 



Although the size of the crowd wasn’t the only change, apparently Neyland Stadium had a DJ for the event! And apparently the event also had a celebrity calling the plays at one point, it was Martin from “Duck Dynasty” in case ya’ll were wondering (I don’t watch the show but my friends Jaclyn and Dorian do so they may be sad they missed this), and the new players were great to watch. My boyfriend Alex was excited to be watching a game in Neyland Stadium, minus the commercials, and can’t wait for the regular season to start. I’ll admit that I’m psyched for the new season, but of course I love football.


After the game we all decided to walk (more like hike) around campus to find the Letterman Wall of Fame to find my grandfather’s name. My grandfather was on the national championship game in 1951 which is why I was raised a UT fan. 



After the long hike up to the wall of fame came the long hike back to Market Square where we parked. We found a super yummy sandwich shop (Steamboat Sandwiches is amazing you guys!) where I got a lemonade (fresh squeezed!) because I was dying of thirst (they confiscated my bottle of water at the gate) and the boys (Alex and Paul) got sandwiches. After I poached their dill pickles I had a bite of Alex’s sandwich which is why I can say they’re super yummy. 

After all the fun downtown with the game, campus, and Market Square we were almost too exhausted to watch “Doctor Who” (I’ll save the “Doctor Who” love for another blog) but we made it through and then we all crashed pretty hard. It was a great end to a great day!


What is it About Music?

When I was in high school my freshman year the shooting at Columbine happened and I was genuinely worried that it was going to happen at my school for two reasons; the first reason being that my high school had the same initials as Columbine high (something I think a lot of schools shared) and the second reason (and a bit more dramatic I’ll admit) was my high school was a powder keg. The tension was always high between the jocks and the freaks, and it seemed even higher right after Columbine. Now I’m sure you’re all wondering what this has to do with music and if you give me a second I’ll explain.

One of the things I heard a lot of in the wake of Columbine was “if those kids hadn’t been listening to that ‘angry music’ then they wouldn’t have been so violent,” and I remember thinking “REALLY?!” people died and you blame the music (not just the music it was also the violent video games too but for the sake of this particular blog I’d like to focus on the music aspect) the shooters listened to? I spent most of my formative high school years (when I wasn’t at swim practice) hiding in my room listening to the Backstreet Boys (before that it was New Kids on the Block but that was in elementary/middle school), the Beatles, U2 (my all time favorite band), and Led Zeppelin, thus begging the question if I went on a shooting rampage then would those artists (some of whom aren’t even alive let alone touring) be blamed for my actions? I would sincerely hope not. I’d also like to add that if I were locked in a room now and forced to listen to the Backstreet Boys nonstop then I probably would go on a shooting rampage but that’s neither here nor there.

I, like I’m sure a lot of people do, find comfort in music. Whether its happy bubble gummy pop (yes I did love “Call Me Maybe…”) or more meaningful classic rock it’s comforting. While a lot of what’s coming out today (I’m looking at you Justin Bieber and One Direction) probably won’t stand the test of time I’m sure some people (read: teenagers) find some level of comfort in it. I know that part of my love for the Backstreet Boys and (yes I’m admitting to it here) Britney Spears came from the fact that I knew it annoyed my parents but the other part of me did actually like them.

My dad’s collection of classic rock cd’s and records is amazing and I used to just sit and listen to his cd collection whenever I could. One summer night my dad, my sister, and I stayed up to watch “The Wizard of Oz” on mute with Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” on over the dialogue. And that is what I think is at the root of our love of music to this day, it’s the memories we attach to these songs! And how when an old familiar song comes on we can relive that same feeling we had when we first fell in love with it and that really is one of the best feelings of all.

What I Never Said….

When we ended things so suddenly all those years ago I was left with a myriad of mixed feelings, a gallon of ice cream, and a bunch of angry girl music. But I never told you how much you hurt me and while I know it’s not all your fault (I made some mistakes too) but I did things for you I would never have considered doing for someone else (get your minds out of the gutter guys I co-signed for a car!). And yet when I needed you, you left me high and dry. I gave up so much for you, my friends, my family, and my job, I know you never asked me to give those things up but I did because I loved you. I look back on it now and I don’t know why I loved you? You were using me for a place to stay and a ride to and from work because you let the car I co-signed for be repossessed. Yes, you let the car I put my credit on the line for be repossessed and I held my anger in because I loved you.

I gave up so much for you, so so very much. I don’t think you’ll ever understand what I gave up and kept quiet about all because I loved you. How many times I cried because you hurt me or all the times you told me that you loved me only to take it back a day or two later. You made me feel worthless and ugly, but yet I still came back to you. You almost destroyed my relationship between me and my sister, and I still believed that the blame was entirely on me. But it wasn’t me, you in fact are an asshole, an asshole of the highest form.

My wish for you in the future is that you meet someone who you’ll give everything up for and she or he (because my friends always had some doubts about your sexuality) leaves you stranded with your pulverized heart in your hands and nothing else. That the loneliness will make you desperate to get that person (I say person because a lot of my friends really did think you were gay) to love you no matter what and you’ll do anything to keep that person in your life even if it means putting your credit on the line. I hope she or he (I really cannot stress enough how much my friends thought you were gay) cheats on you with one of your brothers (the married one would be wonderful but the younger one would be amazing too) and in effect ruins that relationship. So please know Kyle Andrew Axley (oops sorry I don’t think I should have put your name in there but hey look at me I’m not deleting it) that I want nothing but karma for you in the future. Well karma, heartache, and loneliness because believe it or not I am happy now and I like that feeling too much to give it up for you.

I feel like I should also say thank you for making me a stronger and wiser person who’s less likely to co-sign for another car loan for some loser guy. Thanks again for that!