And now for something completely different….

In a much-needed effort to get my creative juices flowing I have decided to take part in a 30 day blogging challenge. Over the next 30 days I will be discussing my views on things as simple as random facts about myself to the slightly more complex like how I’d like to be remembered and my thoughts on mainstream music. If any of my friends or family still read this then please feel free to chime in with any thoughts you may have about my incessant ramblings.

My Topics for the Next 30 Days:

Day 1: 20 Random Facts About Myself- let’s see how many of you I can shock and scare with some of these.
Day 2: Something I Feel Strongly About- this might turn into a two-part blog because I tend to ramble when I get on my soapbox.
Day 3: A Book I Love- probably another two-part blog because I see most of my books as children and I have so many that I love.
Day 4: Five Pet Peeves- I think that’s about all the pet peeves I have so that works!
Day 5: Things I’d Like to Say to an Ex- so many things were left unsaid.
Day 6: My Views on Mainstream Music- I have so many opinions about music!
Day 7: What I Did Today- that will either interest you or bore you to tears hopefully it’s the first one.
Day 8: My Favorite Movie- this one should be interesting.
Day 9: How Important I Think Education Is- one that I’d like to dedicate to my sister.
Day 10: Put My Music Player on Shuffle and Write the First 10 Songs that Play- hopefully I won’t embarrass myself here.
Day 11: My Relationship with My Parents- I can already feel the tears coming.
Day 12: Five Male Attractive Celebrities- also known as my blog to drool over.
Day 13: Five Things I Would Hope to be Remembered For- I hope my list of things I want to be remembered for is longer then the list of things I don’t want to be remembered for.
Day 14: What I Wore Today- I’m sure you’ll be beside yourselves with anticipation.
Day 15: What My Zodiac Sign Says About Me and if I Agree With It- should be cool because I do enjoy reading my horoscope.
Day 16: Something I Think “What if…” About- the list is long but distinguished.
Day 17: Something I’m Proud Of- I’m looking forward to this.
Day 18: A Problem That I’ve Had- who doesn’t have problems?! It’s called living!
Day 19: Five Items I Lust After- I’ll post pictures to go with said items.
Day 20: My Fears- my mind is a dark and scary place.
Day 21: What Has Been the Most Difficult Thing I Have Had to Forgive- not for the faint of heart.
Day 22: Describe My Most Embarrassing Moment- I’ll have plenty of time to narrow it down to just one…
Day 23: Something I Miss- this one will be tough.
Day 24: Five Words/Phrases That Make Me Laugh- I tend to be a giggly person so this will be funny.
Day 25: Something I Worry About- this will be another long list.
Day 26: Things I Like and Dislike About Myself- I’m working on making the list of likes longer then the dislikes right now.
Day 27: A Quote I Try to Live By- there are more than one because I there are so many I love.
Day 28: Somewhere I’d Like to Move and Somewhere I’d Like to Visit- pictures to follow.
Day 29: Five Weird Things I Like- “I’m not weird I’m limited edition!”
Day 30: One Think I’m Excited About- I’m actually excited about a lot really.


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