Why Did You Do That?!

Everyone has one or two things that annoy them and today I’m supposed to find 5 things that annoy me. So here goes nothing… I’m a pretty laid back person so I don’t know if I can come up with 5 but here goes nothing.

1. Hypocrisy- oh dear lord in heaven how I despise hypocrisy! The best and most relevant example I can give you all is this; all of those people out there claiming that homosexuality is against the bible and yet there they are sitting down to a big breakfast of bacon and sausage (both pork products) in the morning.

2. Talking During Movies- particularly a friend of mine who will go unnamed to protect her privacy (but she knows who she is) who when watching a movie at my house will literally ask me to tell her about key plot points AS THE MOVIE IS PLAYING OUT IN FRONT OF HER!!

3. People Who Use “LOL” When They Don’t Know What Else To Say- I mean really?! I just said “I’m sitting at home watching a movie,” and your best response is “LOL” I was so not kidding I really am sitting at home watching a movie!

4. People Who End Sentences With Prepositions- sentences like “Where is it at?” really make my skin crawl!

5. Crying Children in Public Places- yes I know I was a child once too but my parents knew how to make sure I kept my unhappiness to myself!!

And there you have it my pet peeves, I think this just about covers the things that annoy me. And now back to your day.


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