For the Love of Football


So I put off writing my blog yesterday because I was exhausted! Yesterday was the University of Tennessee’s Orange and White football game, it’s a chance for every one to check out the new talent and especially the new coach. With the firing of Derek Dooley back in November the fans have been looking forward to seeing the new coach, Butch Jones, in action.  

I (being a fan of Tennessee since before I was born… tough when you live down in Florida) have been to a few Orange and White games in the past and I was surprised to see the massive (61,076) crowd. Usually the Orange and White game is less than crowded but with the new coach it seems like everyone is excited for this new future for the Vols. 



Although the size of the crowd wasn’t the only change, apparently Neyland Stadium had a DJ for the event! And apparently the event also had a celebrity calling the plays at one point, it was Martin from “Duck Dynasty” in case ya’ll were wondering (I don’t watch the show but my friends Jaclyn and Dorian do so they may be sad they missed this), and the new players were great to watch. My boyfriend Alex was excited to be watching a game in Neyland Stadium, minus the commercials, and can’t wait for the regular season to start. I’ll admit that I’m psyched for the new season, but of course I love football.


After the game we all decided to walk (more like hike) around campus to find the Letterman Wall of Fame to find my grandfather’s name. My grandfather was on the national championship game in 1951 which is why I was raised a UT fan. 



After the long hike up to the wall of fame came the long hike back to Market Square where we parked. We found a super yummy sandwich shop (Steamboat Sandwiches is amazing you guys!) where I got a lemonade (fresh squeezed!) because I was dying of thirst (they confiscated my bottle of water at the gate) and the boys (Alex and Paul) got sandwiches. After I poached their dill pickles I had a bite of Alex’s sandwich which is why I can say they’re super yummy. 

After all the fun downtown with the game, campus, and Market Square we were almost too exhausted to watch “Doctor Who” (I’ll save the “Doctor Who” love for another blog) but we made it through and then we all crashed pretty hard. It was a great end to a great day!



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