Letting My Geek Flag Fly

When I started that last blog I left my music player on shuffle and I started listening to a lot more of my music and I realized how truly geeky I really am. Last night I was totally in the mood for some Batman (because really there’s never a bad time for Batman) so I watched “Batman Begins” for maybe about the millionth time. After getting into a very technical debate (probably too technical for my less geeky friends) on Facebook about who would win in a fight Batman or Iron Man (and say what you want Dorian Batman would kick Iron Man’s ass in a fight) and I think the general agreement was that both Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne have money on their sides so it would be a very gadget filled fight.


I think we all agreed that this is how the fight would really go down.

But I totally digress from my point (and I do have one I promise), and that is that being a geek is totally awesome! I’m not just a superhero geek, I’m also a huge fan of “Doctor Who” (if you’re not familiar seriously get on my level because it’s awesome!), I’m a total Bond Girl, a Tribute (a fan of the “Hunger Games” series), and I miss “The X-Files” every day. I used to hide the things that would make me geek-out and squeal like a fangirl because I didn’t want people to make fun of me but then I stopped caring what people think about the things I love and I embraced my inner fangirl.

I went to movie marathons (yes even a “Twilight” marathon but that was only because I read the books), the Batman marathon was my favorite because I totally dressed up (not as Batman).


You can’t really tell from that picture but I even got some temporary tattoos to rock for the event as well.

So this message is for any of you guys out there who keep your geek flag hidden, don’t do it! Let your geek flag fly with pride because you never know you may meet someone with the same geeky loves you have.


4 thoughts on “Letting My Geek Flag Fly

  1. I’m going to be honest, I got about as far as the “who would win in a fight between ironman and batman” and then got into a HUGE debate with my nerdy friends too! Hahaha, it’s split about 50/50 😉 Happy I stumbled on this!

  2. I feel Tony Stark would put up an xcellent fight, but you must consider that Tony has the ray that could blast Bruce away. Now I actually have seen more Batman movies than I care to mention like the older ones with Michael Keaton and beautiful Clooney but you know that here lately got the chance to see Bale in action and I was impressed (which I always am with Bale) so I will come to the conclusion that it would be a draw of equally talented sexy standing foes.

    • That actually came up in the conversation I was having but what I had to say about that was the fact that Bruce Wayne has be trained in every martial art out there and could tactically out fight Tony Stark. Oh and he also had that gun that Morgan Freeman made for him that shutdown all the electronics in that one chase so I have a feeling that Batman could shut Iron Man’s suit down. But I would love to watch that fight.

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