Will You Still Love Me When I’m No Longer Young and Beautiful?


This book has been on my short list of favorites for a while now and after watching the Robert Redford version from the 1970’s I was very unsure that Baz Luhrmann would be able to do the story justice. I had no doubt that he would be able to pull off the famous Gatsby parties but the tragic love story not so much. 


I thoroughly enjoyed being drawn into Gatsby’s world of beautiful parties and hopeful (if not tragic) optimism. Back in the 1920’s where (according to Fitzgerald) the alcohol flowed, the dresses were short, and relationships were disposable.

I thought the 3D was a little superfluous but a nice touch. Leonardo DiCaprio captured Gatsby’s truly tragic hope and optimism so well that I didn’t see him I saw Jay Gatsby, Tobey Maguire’s Nick Carraway was amazing in the “outsider looking in” role, and Carey Mulligan played Daisy Buchanan beautifully . 

All in all this movie was beautifully tragic and I wouldn’t be surprised if this role gets Leo his long-awaited Oscar.





Now You See Me


I was lucky enough to get tickets to an advance screening of “Now You See Me” for me and my friends (most notably my usual movie plus one Ms Dorian Bright). I had high hopes for this movie considering the cast and I will tell you I was not disappointed!

The story goes way beyond the usual magician tale to tell a much bigger Robin Hood-esque story. The fact that Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine are in it are just very happy bonuses. 

I will be the first to tell you that Jesse Eisenberg kind of turned me off when he played Mark Zuckerburg in such a douchy way that I was very hesitant to see him in anything else, but he totally turned it around for me in this one. While he was still kind of an ass, he was very much a lovable asshole so it was forgivable. Woody Harrelson and the rest of the cast played very well off each other and I’m hoping for a reunion in the sequel. Because, yes, a movie with the twists that this movie has NEEDS a sequel! 

When this movie comes out on May 31st you’ll be missing out if you don’t go see it! 


My Problem With “Iron Man 3”


  First off in the interest of full disclosure there will be spoilers so if you haven’t seen “Iron Man 3” I would suggest that you stop reading here. 

If you have seen it then keep on reading but be aware as a hardcore DC fangirl I have a few bones to pick with this movie. 

I really felt like “Iron Man 3” pulled quite a bit from “The Dark Knight Rises” from complex plot points like breaking the hero down and building him back up to simple things like the villain sounding strange (I’m sorry, I loved Bane but his voice was just a little distracting as was the Mandarin’s voice) to Tony Stark telling JARVIS to initiate “Clean Slate Protocol” to destroy all of the Iron Man suits. I mean really?! Clean Slate?! Could they not have come up with anything else? For any of you who haven’t seen “The Dark Knight Rises”, and really if you haven’t seen it get it together, the Clean Slate was the software that Selena Kyle was fighting so hard to get. 

Watching Tony Stark’s Malibu home collapse into the Pacific Ocean taking Tony Stark (in the Iron Man suit) down with it only to blast him out of the water and crash-land him in the hills of Tennessee, where JARVIS crashed and the suit promptly died was the Marvel equivalent of Bane breaking Batman’s back and sending him to the Lazarus Pit (because let’s face it that’s what Nolan was trying to represent), however as a current resident of the state of Tennessee I’m regretting that comparison. 


 I will say that “Iron Man 3” was an epic movie and for those hardcore Marvel fanboys and fangirls out there I know it delivered. I mainly know this because the boyfriend came out of the theater more excited then I have ever seen him after a superhero movie. He loved it but I really just came out of the theater thinking about how good Robert Downey Jr. looked when he was dancing at the beginning of the movie, and I don’t think that was the director’s intention. 

The Joys of Cat Ownership (Or Living With a Furry Dictator)

In case any of you didn’t read my “Furry Friends” blog (and I highly suggest you do) I have a cat named Lizzy that lives with me and my boyfriend. Her (after this she’ll be referred to as our Dear Leader) full name is Elizabeth Bennett (named after the main character in one of my favorite books see the “Satisfaction of a List” blog) and she really has taken over the house. 


  I know our Dear Leader looks cute (just look at that little face!) but she has a darkness inside her. Maybe she’s not so much a dictator (please don’t tell he I’m calling her a dictator) she’s more like a diva. She has requests and demands, a food bowl that’s always full and full water glasses (yes, glasses), much like concert riders for the divas like Mariah Carey and Aretha Franklin. She needs to have a clean potty (but really who doesn’t need that) and the occasional can of wet food, just to spice things up.


Her daily activities are typical for a Dictator like her, she sleeps usually around 15-16 hours a day, she keeps active by sprinting from room to room and jumping on the furniture knocking things over in the process all at 3am while we’re sleeping (well until the stuff gets knocked over and I have a freak out because I think someone is trying to break in).



She likes her television programming (lots of Bill Murray, “Golden Girls”, and she loved the horse competitions during the Olympics), laying on my laptop, while I’m using it of course, and knocking things off the tables just for fun, all typical cat/Dictator activities. In the mornings she likes to go to the window and greet her public, mostly the squirrels and birds, sometimes she likes to go out on the landing and actually greet them whiskers to feathers, but more often than not she sticks with the window greeting, mostly because those 15-16 hours of napping aren’t going to take themselves. 


Lizzy may be a tiny, furry, dictator, but she’s also my child and I do love her quirks and all. She’s my baby. But when she’s sleeping and purring in my lap that’s when she’s my favorite little fur ball.  

The Joys of Laundry Day

So today I’m supposed to tell you all what I wore today, I know you all have been waiting with bated breath for this one but I am nothing if not a semi-responsible blogger. So today was laundry day so I was on the cusp of wearing my pj’s and a formal cocktail dress. I went with my navy blue bathing suit cover-up. I guess you could call that a happy medium. No one wants to show up at the laundry room under or overdressed.

And that my friends is what I wore today.

Getting Caught Up…

So I’m very behind on my 30 Day Blogging Challenge so here I go with my next topic…

Think of me… (things I’d like to be remembered for)

1. Remember me as an eternal nerd. From Batman to Doctor Who I love the things most people would consider very nerdy and even though it took me some time to accept it myself  being nerdy is totally ok. 

2. Remember me as always glass half-full. No matter what I can’t ever not be optimistic.

3. Remember me as always being the friend you could call at 3am no matter what.

4. Remember me as the girl who loves her animal babies more then life itself.

5. Remember me as someone who loved history so much that I often felt like I should have born in another time period.

And there you have it, things I’d like to be remembered for.  

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm…..

So I just copied and pasted one of my blog entries (the one about things I’d like to say to an ex in case any of you were wondering) and I found out that I write like Dan Brown! I loved “Angels and Demons” and “The DiVinci Code” so much and with his new book, “Inferno” coming out later this month it’s like kismet!! Here’s totally official proof in case any of you don’t believe me:

I write like
Dan Brown

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

See that totally makes me fully legit in the blogging world guys!!

Something so Simple says so Much….

I live in the south so the phrase “Well bless her/his heart,” is very common here. On the surface it sounds like a very sweet concerned sentiment but it is really just a sugary sweet hidden insult.

“That little girl has a face only a mother could love. Bless her little heart.”

What starts out as something so mean is sweetened and the insult becomes softer when you add those little words. I remember trying to explain how it works to someone from Australia (blond hair, blue eyes, adorable accent, lets just be honest I was totally flirting) and he didn’t understand until I could put it into some kind of context for him:

Me: (a girl who looks like a hot mess walks in to the bar we were in) Oh my God look at her she looks like she got ready in the dark, bless her heart. 

Him: (nodding astonished) You are so right that didn’t sound mean at all. 

And with that we went back to our drinks, I felt good about my lesson he felt a little wiser about the ways of the southern woman. 

Now for the rest of the uninitiated here are the other many uses for “Bless your heart.”

Example:  When someone walks into a room wearing a distasteful outfit and someone says “Bless her/his heart” … it means: “That poor thing has the tackiest taste in the world!” or it could even be more specific as in “Good grief, those pants make her bottom look like it’s dragging the ground!”

When, let’s say, a family member calls and tells you about something stupid another family member has done there are several “Bless her/his heart”s and this means: “Well, even though they don’t have enough sense to get out of a wet paper bag, we still love them.”

When someone you love and care about gets hurt or has something bad happen to them and you say “Bless your heart”…. it means “Oh, I am so sorry you are going through this, I wish I could take it away and make things better.”

It can be a form of empathy and used as a big hug…. as in when a friend calls and tells you about how bad her job is, and the kids are going crazy, and the dog just destroyed the house….. we say “Bless your heart”….and it means:  ”Honey, I hate that you’ve had a bad day, but I’m glad it’s you and not me!”

And then one of the biggest ways southerners use “Bless your heart”….is a way to identify each other.  You pretty much know where someone came from when they use this powerful phrase. You also know where someone came from if they use it incorrectly.  {And you appropriately say “Bless. your. heart.”}

Now, this is definitely an abbreviated lesson….just in a nutshell.  There are many other ways to use it, and the nuances are many….for instance: when it is said through clenched teeth, drawn out slowly, with a squeal, etc…..but, for any of you that are not familiar with it, I don’t want to overwhelm you.