The Joys of Cat Ownership (Or Living With a Furry Dictator)

In case any of you didn’t read my “Furry Friends” blog (and I highly suggest you do) I have a cat named Lizzy that lives with me and my boyfriend. Her (after this she’ll be referred to as our Dear Leader) full name is Elizabeth Bennett (named after the main character in one of my favorite books see the “Satisfaction of a List” blog) and she really has taken over the house. 


  I know our Dear Leader looks cute (just look at that little face!) but she has a darkness inside her. Maybe she’s not so much a dictator (please don’t tell he I’m calling her a dictator) she’s more like a diva. She has requests and demands, a food bowl that’s always full and full water glasses (yes, glasses), much like concert riders for the divas like Mariah Carey and Aretha Franklin. She needs to have a clean potty (but really who doesn’t need that) and the occasional can of wet food, just to spice things up.


Her daily activities are typical for a Dictator like her, she sleeps usually around 15-16 hours a day, she keeps active by sprinting from room to room and jumping on the furniture knocking things over in the process all at 3am while we’re sleeping (well until the stuff gets knocked over and I have a freak out because I think someone is trying to break in).



She likes her television programming (lots of Bill Murray, “Golden Girls”, and she loved the horse competitions during the Olympics), laying on my laptop, while I’m using it of course, and knocking things off the tables just for fun, all typical cat/Dictator activities. In the mornings she likes to go to the window and greet her public, mostly the squirrels and birds, sometimes she likes to go out on the landing and actually greet them whiskers to feathers, but more often than not she sticks with the window greeting, mostly because those 15-16 hours of napping aren’t going to take themselves. 


Lizzy may be a tiny, furry, dictator, but she’s also my child and I do love her quirks and all. She’s my baby. But when she’s sleeping and purring in my lap that’s when she’s my favorite little fur ball.  


One thought on “The Joys of Cat Ownership (Or Living With a Furry Dictator)

  1. This was awesome and hilarious (we won’t tell “HE” that she really in reality has taken over you all’s living quarters. These pics especially the one of her laying down and giving us side shoulder was that of a diva. I enjoyed this one.

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