My Problem With “Iron Man 3”


  First off in the interest of full disclosure there will be spoilers so if you haven’t seen “Iron Man 3” I would suggest that you stop reading here. 

If you have seen it then keep on reading but be aware as a hardcore DC fangirl I have a few bones to pick with this movie. 

I really felt like “Iron Man 3” pulled quite a bit from “The Dark Knight Rises” from complex plot points like breaking the hero down and building him back up to simple things like the villain sounding strange (I’m sorry, I loved Bane but his voice was just a little distracting as was the Mandarin’s voice) to Tony Stark telling JARVIS to initiate “Clean Slate Protocol” to destroy all of the Iron Man suits. I mean really?! Clean Slate?! Could they not have come up with anything else? For any of you who haven’t seen “The Dark Knight Rises”, and really if you haven’t seen it get it together, the Clean Slate was the software that Selena Kyle was fighting so hard to get. 

Watching Tony Stark’s Malibu home collapse into the Pacific Ocean taking Tony Stark (in the Iron Man suit) down with it only to blast him out of the water and crash-land him in the hills of Tennessee, where JARVIS crashed and the suit promptly died was the Marvel equivalent of Bane breaking Batman’s back and sending him to the Lazarus Pit (because let’s face it that’s what Nolan was trying to represent), however as a current resident of the state of Tennessee I’m regretting that comparison. 


 I will say that “Iron Man 3” was an epic movie and for those hardcore Marvel fanboys and fangirls out there I know it delivered. I mainly know this because the boyfriend came out of the theater more excited then I have ever seen him after a superhero movie. He loved it but I really just came out of the theater thinking about how good Robert Downey Jr. looked when he was dancing at the beginning of the movie, and I don’t think that was the director’s intention. 


3 thoughts on “My Problem With “Iron Man 3”

  1. Everything doesn’t revolve around Dark Knight Rises my dear. Tony had complex layers to him as well like real people. Did you even realize we were watching Iron Man 3 and not Dark Knight Rises? Or anything to do with Batman period. Just messin with you a little but seriously you are obsessed with Batman. The movie was damn good and had character developement as well. I will say I think they had an issue with the action versus telling the story maybe, and how to balance all of that. Considering a totally different director stepped in to do this one I will say with all things considered the movie did well. What were your opinions about the actual movie with absolutely no comparisons with anything Batman or The Dark Knight Rises. Just think about the movie Iron Ma 3 and tell me your thoughts from when you were sitting in that theater and watching the movie?? On the flip side I’m sure there will be another movie having to do with the DC world soon not involving Superman. They could pick up from Robin or something although I can’t really fathom it being that interesting to actually watch but hey we can all hope and dream!!

    • I’m not saying that everything revolves around Batman or “The Dark Knight Rises” but I saw the similarities when honestly I wasn’t even looking for them. I went into the theater to watch “Iron Man 3” just like you did and while the movie was enjoyable I saw things that jumped right out at me and so that’s what I had to say about it.

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