Green-Eyed Monster

You Know Who You Are, 

I listened to you complain about how much of a burden it was for you to help take care of your grandmother in the last months of her life. You complained about getting up early to take her to the salon to get her hair done. You hated the fact that you had to run errands for her. When she passed away you planned the tropical vacation you wanted to take with your part of the inheritance. I’ve watched you and your father destroy the beautiful home she left for you with dog pee and poop all over the tile floors and magazines and clothes everywhere. I’ve seen all of the damage you have done to this beautiful home because you don’t care and yet you talk about how much you miss your grandmother but to me its all a show.

When my grandmother passed you told me about how you could sympathize with me but I didn’t believe you. I would have given anything to be with my grandmother in her final months. Just to spend time with her reading and talking. I would have done everything she asked for just to be with her. I wasn’t even there when she died to tell her that I loved and treasured her. If I had been left her home I would have died before letting it fall to pieces!

You had an amazing gift and you’ve thrown it away! And for that I will always be envious of you. You have wasted a gift and that is a crime. 


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