Why Bridget Fans Won’t Be “Mad About the Boy”



The book hasn’t even been released yet and already fans are in an uproar! 

Helen Fielding’s third Bridget Jones book “Mad About the Boy” is due to hit shelves later this month but excerpts published in a British magazine have Bridget fans (myself included) cursing the author! I’ll warn you now if you haven’t read the excerpts and don’t want any spoilers than stop reading now, if you already know or the suspense is killing you then read on! 

Hope you’re ready…. I am so sorry to report that Mark Darcy is dead! Yes, Bridget is a widow with two children an an online romance with a 29 year-old she met on Twitter. Yes, you read that right, Twitter. Daniel Cleaver the resident cad is the godfather to Bridget and Mark’s two kids (wonder what Mark had to say about that) and Shazza (my favorite of her friends, mainly because she likes to say “Fuck, a lot”) is off in Silicon Valley. Her other friends Jude and Tom will be back which is good because they’re always good for a laugh. 

I’ll be honest Helen Fielding lost me by killing off one of my favorite characters because no one but Colin Firth could have ever delivered the line “Oh, yes they fucking do” with the amount of sexiness he did. No, lie I turn to mush every time he says that! You really can’t have a story based on “Pride and Prejudice”, kill off the Mr. Darcy, and no expect a little backlash. 

If this is all true (and I’m really hoping that it’s not but I have a feeling that it is) I’ll leave you with this one last picture to remember the Mark Darcy we all know and love. You all know the ridiculous Christmas sweater (or jumper in England), folding his underpants, a little uptight, Mark Darcy we all know and love. The Mark Darcy who loved Bridget “Just as she is”.