I’m Finally Doing This….

I have been putting off this blog for a few days now and its time I finally write it; my relationship with my parents is something I don’t talk about all the time but I’m supposed to do it so here goes…

I grew up very lucky because I grew up with two parents who were still married (and still are) and love each other very much. We went camping and on vacations to Europe. I grew up with so many opportunities.

And yet here I am… I dropped out of college, spent 10 days in jail (driving without a license), basically I squandered everything I was given. For a while my relationship with my parents was horrible if not nonexistent. I really was a horrible daughter. But after a few years I have been able to slowly regain my parents’ trust, not to say I haven’t made a few mistakes but things have been getting better between us little by little.

So that’s my story.