I have literally been sitting on pins and needles since I finished “The Lost Symbol”, in 2009 mind you, waiting for Robert Langdon’s next adventure. I’m very proud (and a total geek) to admit that I’ve read every book that Dan Brown has written, even the non-Robert Langdon ones as well. I love Dan Brown’s “real-time” writing style (all of his books take place usually in a 24-48 hour time period) and Robert Langdon’s art history knowledge so incredibly sexy. 

**Side Note** I would like to explain that I find the Dan Brown version of Robert Langdon sexy but not the Tom Hanks version. I do love Tom Hanks as an actor but not as Robert Langdon. 

I took my time reading Brown’s latest Langdon adventure, “Inferno”, because I honestly didn’t want it to end (mainly because I don’t know how long I’ll be on a Langdon-free diet and I wanted to savor every moment) and because it was so easy to be sucked into the art inspired by Dante’s “Inferno”, the book on which Brown’s book is based. 

In this book we find Langdon in a hospital in Florence and no idea how or why he’s there. He’s actually lost the last two days of his life and he spends a good portion of the book trying to recover those memories by retracing clues from a painting by Vasari that was altered by the main protagonist to send Langdon on a multi-country scavenger hunt.

Without giving too much away the book deals with the very real issue of population control and it really got me thinking about the very real possibility of massive shortages due to the world’s overcrowding. 

Overall, if you’ve read and fallen in love with Robert Langdon then this book is a must read. If you haven’t read any of Dan Brown’s books what the hell is wrong with you get to reading immediately!! 



Now You See Me


I was lucky enough to get tickets to an advance screening of “Now You See Me” for me and my friends (most notably my usual movie plus one Ms Dorian Bright). I had high hopes for this movie considering the cast and I will tell you I was not disappointed!

The story goes way beyond the usual magician tale to tell a much bigger Robin Hood-esque story. The fact that Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine are in it are just very happy bonuses. 

I will be the first to tell you that Jesse Eisenberg kind of turned me off when he played Mark Zuckerburg in such a douchy way that I was very hesitant to see him in anything else, but he totally turned it around for me in this one. While he was still kind of an ass, he was very much a lovable asshole so it was forgivable. Woody Harrelson and the rest of the cast played very well off each other and I’m hoping for a reunion in the sequel. Because, yes, a movie with the twists that this movie has NEEDS a sequel! 

When this movie comes out on May 31st you’ll be missing out if you don’t go see it!